We are a small ski school, offering private lessons, kids group and ski guiding in Zermatt.

 We believe we can create the most effective and unique experience, tailored around your level,  personal goals and needs. 


The team

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors with a common purpose - sharing our passion for snow sports with you. 

We know the resorts inside and out as we have many years of experience living and working as ski instructors and ski guides.

All our instructors are multilingual, and are flexible; we speak English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, and Latvian.

Our philosophy

At Evolution, we believe that when you have a ski lesson you should receive a tailor-made service from the meeting point through to your experience up on the hill.

We will guide you around the Matterhorn ski area, advise you on the best runs according to weather and snow condition, time of the day, avoiding annoying bottlenecks and of course, securing good tables for lunch.

Come and ski with us.

Evolution ( Latin: Evolutio-Onis )

A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Meet The Team

Andrea Bionda

Over 20 years of experience

Swiss from Ticino

Speaks English, French and Italian 

Fabrizio Pavan

Over 15 years of experience

Italian from Turin

Speaks English, French, Italian, 

bit of Spanish and German

Dave Preis

Over 20 years of experience

Former national Snowboard racer athlete German/Italian From Ischia

Speaks English, German, Italian, 

bit of Spanish

Gioia Cagnin

Ski race coach

Seasons in Zermatt and Italy

2 seasons in New Zeland

Italian from Venice

Speaks English and Italian

Slava Dementiev

Sonnia Hoffken

Over 16 years of experience

German from Munich

Yoga Therapist (health prevention, rehab & emotional imbalances)

Speaks German, English and French


6 seasons in Zermatt

English from Cambridge

Speaks English and Russian both mother tongue 


Daniel O'Dor

Seasons in Zermatt and Austria

Hungarian from Budapest

Speaks English, German, French, Hungarian and a bit of Spanish

Federico Callegari

Rihards Ansons

4 Seasons in Zermatt 

Massage therapist and breakdancing teacher for the local kids

Latvian from Riga

Speaks English and Russian

Seasons in Zermatt and Italy

7 seasons in New Zeland

Ski boot fitter

Italian from Treviso

Speaks English and Italian 

Kaaya Pesek

8 Seasons in Zermatt

5 seasons Spain And New Zeland

From Czech Republic

Speaks English, Russian, Spanish and Czech

Marcello Mordacci

Over 10 years of experience

Italian from Parma

Speaks English and Italian

James Fielding

Over 10 years of experience

Freestyle coach

English from Jearsey Island

Emily Summer

Learnt to ski in France when she was little and fell in love with it, then started snowboarding and fell in love that too.

Seasons in New Zealand, Japan and Canada, time to come back to the Alps!

Speaks English a bit of French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Aidan McDougall

Aidan is from Ambleside, in the English Lake District. He qualified as an instructor in Canada in 2017 and since then has completed 2 seasons in Whistler, Canada. English speaking and  learning German

Vita Kence

3 seasons in Zermatt

Freeride lover and water rafting guide

From Latvian

Speaks English, Russian and Latvian

Hayley Curren

Hayley is from Brighton, England and has had a passion for skiing from an early age. Having taught previously in France this is her 3rd season in Switzerland. She is English speaking but with continuously improving French!

Matt Tolley

 Matt is from Derby, England and grew up skiing in France and Austria. He has completed two seasons in Whistler, Canada and a season in Hakuba, Japan. Speaks English and learning German. 

Cordy Orr-Ewing

Ski Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer

Seasons in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Colorado

English from London

Speaks English and French


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